Filmfaced Birch Plywood

Film-facing improves the panel's resistance to natural and chemical conditions. Anti-slip, wear-resistant and easily handled surface makes this plywood ideal for applications demanding high wear resistance such as various composite structures, floors and sidewalls of trucks, railway wagons, warehouses etc. Also this plywood is suitable for use as decorative material in furniture construction.

Filmfaced plywood is covered on both sides by film based on phenol-formaldehyde resin.

Sizes mm

1220 x2440

1250 x 2500

1500 x 3000

1525 x 3050

Thickness mm6/ 6.5/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 12/ 15/ 18/ 21/ 24/ 27/ 30/ 35/ 40
Grades F/F, F/W*
Formaldehyde emission E-1
Density 640-700 Kg/m3
Moisture content Max. 10%
Edges processing By waterproof acrylic paint
Ultimate shearing strength 1,5 mPa after one hour boiling
Static bending strength along the fibers mPa not less - 40
Ultimate creasing strength mPa not less - 70

Filmfaced plywood have smooth or wiremesh surface and can be offered as follows:

  • F/F – smooth/smooth – smooth both sides
  • F/W – smooth/wiremesh - one side smooth / other side wiremesh (antislip)


Sample of smooth (F) surface

Sample of wiremesh (W) surface

Filmfaced plywood is overlaid by dark brown film with density 120 gr/m2. Besides we offer filmfaced plywood with film density 220 gr/m2. In case of order 33m3 and more we offer filmfaced plywood with other colors: gray, yellow, green, red and so on.