We consider our main advantage is the ability to offer to our clients the delivery of various kind of plywood (different quality, thicknesses, formats) in one dispatch. We consolidate in Estonia the plywood from more than 12 main plywood producers from Russia. Most of them specialize on production of one or maximum two formats or use either MR glue or WBP glue. And it is hard for customers to compose the orders on one or another mill as the range of plywood is not wide. Therefore working with us you gain the advantage to get all kind of Russian birch plywood in our warehouse. Do not miss your chance to use this advantage.


Presently the big role plays deliveries in a short time. Most of our orders (about 65%) are fulfilled on ASAP terms. We pay the great attention to increase the amount of such orders. In this case our European customers have the possibility to get their orders at mail speed. It is about 5-10 days in case if we have requested material in stock. This gives to our partners the opportunity to make optimum reserve of the products and not to storage big quantity of material.


We look for logistic solution for every customer. We dispatch our material by motor transport and by sea transport as we have all technical possibilities for it. Our sale grows every year supplying not only big customers but small as well. In this case we practice partial delivery. If on one way we have several customers we compose the delivery by one vehicle. This gives to our customers the opportunity to save on transportation rates. For such countries as Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Denmark, Franc, Germany, Italy, Holland we can find the accompanying cargo in 2-3 weeks. Our third advantage is order as much as you need.